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Three Rivers Chorus



Wisdom At Play

The website of Ellen Oak.

Chorus America

Greater Boston Choral Consortium

The Concord, Assabet, & Sudbury Wild & Scenic River Stewardship Council

The River Stewardship Council (RSC) was established to coordinate conservation of the 29-mile Wild and Scenic River segment. The Council functions as an official advisory committee to the National Park Service on federal permits affecting the rivers' outstanding resources. The Council also raises awareness of the rivers through events and publications, including RiverFest, an annual celebration of the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers, and facilitates efforts to preserve and improve river resources.

U.S. National Park Service


OARS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to protect, preserve, and enhance the natural and recreational features of the Assabet, Sudbury, and Concord rivers, their tributaries and watersheds, and to increase public awareness of the riversâ?? values as important natural resources.

Sudbury Valley Trustees

Sudbury Valley Trustees (SVT) is a regional land trust, founded in 1953. For over 50 years, SVT has been dedicated to conserving land and protecting wildlife habitat in the Concord, Assabet and Sudbury river basin. This is one of the most scenic, culturally rich, and historically significant regions in the United States.

ArtSpace Maynard

ArtSpace-Maynard is a nonprofit community art center that is one of the largest and most vital art centers in New England.

Musketaquid Arts and Environment

Musketaquid Arts and Environment seeks to link discovery of art with passion for nature. Believing we can find our interconnection with the earth through the arts, Musketaquid provides opportunities to create and experience art while exploring and learning about the local environment.

Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts

Emerson Umbrella (in Concord, MA) enriches lives and builds a vibrant community through the arts. We inspire creativity, learning, and personal growth through arts education programs, performing and visual arts presentations, and community collaborations.